Electric guitars

Quartet + Tonbak

Quartet and singer


Guitar Quartet + Voice

Guitar and voice has been always is a unique combination. Through different encounters we have been introduced to original compositions for guitar quartet and voice, as well as arranging folklore music and famous operas for guitar quartet and a singer. In our debut CD "phasma", some of the pieces have a significant voice roll. We had the pleasure to collaborate with singers such as Asumpta Mateu (Spain), Adaya Peled (Israel) and Núria Vinyals (Spain).

Electric Guitars 

Contemporary and experimental music is a field we were drawn to during our studies in the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. The idea experiment and to expend our instrumentation capabilities within  the quartet formation came during the collaboration with electronic music composer, Sergej Maingardt. Premiering his piece Hero_In for electric guitars and electronics in Stadtgarten 2017, had opened our vision by giving us ambition to expend  our repertoire beyond the classical guitar and experiment with a new world of sounds, electric sounds.    

Guitar Quartet + Percussion

Folklore music is an essential part of our repertoire. One of its important elements is rhythm, which characterize many of the traditional melodies and dances. 

We had the opportunity to collaborate with a Persian Tombak player, Syavash Rastani, and to create a quintet project together. Arranging a percussion roll to our folklore pieces, we bring forth original and refreshing interpretations to the pieces. 

In our 2nd album (2019) the percussion will have a major roll and will be dedicated to folklore music. 

Amplified Guitars
Cologne Guitar Quartet.jpg

Guitar is considered to be a quiet instrument which has clear boundaries of volume. These boundaries prevent the guitar to appear on stages which normally host traditional chamber music ensembles such as string quartets, piano trios etc.

With our latest equipment we have overcome this difficulty and managed to amplify the guitars while keeping its natural organic sound. This creates the possibility to play on any stage, independently of its size and its acoustics, having always the needed volume projection and sound quality. 

The amplified guitars had also opened another door, connecting to the computer and to electronics, creating the possibility to apply sound effects and experiment farther.