Electric guitars

Quartet + Tonbak

Quartet and singer


“diGIT” project features new compositions commissioned for our ensemble. The new compositions are written for classical guitars, electric guitars and some include electronics as well. The project is a starting point for expending and experimenting with the formation of a guitar quartet and additional instruments.  The instrumentation, sound possibilities, composition conceptions and new artistic collobarations are the foundations of this pioneer project. 

Guitar Quartet & Percussion

Folklore music is an essential part of our repertoire. One of its important elements is rhythm, which characterize many of the traditional melodies and dances. 

We had the opportunity to collaborate with an Iranian percussionist, Syavash Rastani, making new refreshing interpretations of various folklore pieces of our repertoire. 

Our 2nd album (to be released in 2020) will feature some pieces with percussion in it.

Guitar Quartet & Voice
Cologne Guitar Quartet.jpg

Guitar and voice has been always a unique combination. Throughout different encounters we have been introduced to original compositions for guitar quartet and voice, as well as making our own new arrangments. Our debut album "phasma" presents some pieces with a significant voice part. The 2nd album will include some new collaboration with a Pakistanian singer, as well as our own vocals (to be released 2020).