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Electric guitars

Quartet + Tonbak

Quartet and singer


diGIT Project

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“diGIT” project features new compositions commissioned by the ensemble for classical guitars, electric guitars and electronics.

Launched in 2019, the first edition took place during WERFT festival in Cologne and included the commissioned compositions by Dariya Maminova (Russia), Lucia Kilger (Germany), Vincent Michalke (Germany), Ptolemaios Armaos (Greece) and Francisco C. Goldschmidt (Chile). 


The 2nd edition, diGIT VOL.II, took place in 2021 

and saw premieres of two electric guitar quartets by Jonah Haven (USA) and Yair Klartag (ISR).


The project is a anchor point for expending and experimenting with the formation of a guitar quartet and additional instruments. The instrumentation, sound possibilities and new artistic collaborations are the foundations of this pioneer project. 

diGIT VOL II flyer.png
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