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Alongside progressive and innovative projects the quartet works continuously on their classical programs including the element of folklore and cultural traditions of their backgrounds. Introducing original arrangements such as Vivladi's winter concerto and Skalkottas's Greek dances, alongside original compositions with instruments such as the Cavaquinho and the Bouzouki, the quartet presents a journey starting with the baroque and goes through the Balkan, south America and ends with a Sephardic song sang and played by the ensemble members.

Fusion Project

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In its concert program “Fusion”, the Cologne Guitar Quartet combines different musical styles with influences from the Cologne music scene as well as the home countries, traditions and cultural backgrounds of the ensemble members.  The program includes its own compositions and arrangements for guitar, Brazilian cavaquinho, Portuguese guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Greek Bouzouki, electronic effects and voices, creating a unique sound experience.

SoundLinks Festival

The new Festival created by the Cologne Guitar Quartet in 2022 is an Event for chamber music crossover, combining various musical genres with one another and representing cultural diversity.  The profile and the unifying elements of the festival is the guitar in different implementations, instrumentation and in new unusual ensemble formations. Next edition to follow in 2024.


diGIT Project

"diGIT” project features new compositions commissioned by the ensemble for classical guitars, electric guitars and electronics and is an anchor for expending and experimenting with the formation of a guitar quartet and additional instruments. The instrumentation, sound possibilities and new artistic collaborations are the foundations of this pioneer project. Among the commissioned composers are Yair Klartag (ISR), Nicolas Berge (DE), Dariya Maminova (RUS), Jonah Haven (USA), Francisco C. Goldschmidt (CH) and more.   

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