We happy to share with you the release of our 2nd album “Routes”!

With this CD we present the ensemble’s core repertoire from the last couple of years. It shows the innovative character of a classical chamber music ensemble with its versatile interpretations, presenting its own arrangements, original compositions and collaborations with other musicians. 

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Special Highlights of the CD are the Song Morenica, which is a sephardic Song in our new Arrangement by Ptolemaios Armaos; The Song Tum na jane with our guest Singer Suhaib Ehsan is also a comlete new arrangement of a traditional Indian song, now enriched with double-bass, backing vocals and the beatiful colours of the guitars. Routes also features our first composition by Henrique Almeida: Cavaquinho in Cologne is written for the Brazilian instrument, combining its bright steel string sounds with three classical guitars. Our second guest musician is the Iranian percussionist and tombak-player Syavash Rastani, joining us on Serbian and Brazilian dances. And we proudly present our new repertoire with our own transcriptions of Vivaldi, Korsakov and Skalkottas.